The 17 best multiplayer mobile games


We bring you a compilation with the 17 best mobile multiplayer games , so that if you have a good mobile and want to play with your friends or other people from all over the world, you have a few titles to start with.

We have tried to include the most essential ones and that they are native and installable on the mobile, without playing in the cloud. However, if you think we have missed a game worth recommending, we invite you to leave us your proposals in the comments section so that other readers can benefit from the knowledge of our xatakeros.
One of the last big hits in multiplayer games.The crew members have to do various missions, and the impostor must kill crew members.

The idea is that the imposter kills crew members without being discovered. Crew members can request a vote, where they vote on who they believe to be the impostor and get kicked off the ship. Here, two things can happen, that you get it right and win the game, or that another crew member is eliminated while the impostor is still free.
ARK Survival Evolved is an action and survival game , in which you will be on an island full of dinosaurs and a game mode that will increase in complexity as we find new objects, enemies and allied tribes. We will have a character who will level up as he collects resources, builds new weapons and defeats enemies.

The game is initially designed for a player in single player mode, but we can also ally with a tribe to form a group and enjoy the cooperative mode.
‘Black Desert Mobile’ is a free to play massively multiplayer online open world action RPG. Black Desert is one of the heavyweights in this genre of multiplayer games, and this is a version fully adapted for mobile phones. Inside, you will have realistic graphics, and a vast world to explore full of missions that you can complete alone or with other players.

This makes you feel like your character is really yours, and the immersion is greater.
It is a game in which a team of three people faces another of three others, all in a scenario in which you will have to move looking for cover and shooting at your rivals.
It is a game especially suitable for eSports lovers. Each of the characters has their own primary and secondary ability, so one of the secrets to play is to choose the one that best suits you.
If you like Nintendo’s ‘Super Smash Bros’ franchise, Brawlhalla is similar, in which you will face other players in crazy combat with two-dimensional graphics and cartoon style .
‘Call of Duty Mobile’ is the mobile version of this mythical saga, a game that comes to try to transfer the spirit of the franchise to your mobile screen. It is a free to play shooter with customizable controls, voice and text chat to chat while you play, 3D graphics and a good sound section.

It is a multiplayer game with several game modes, and divided into seasons to release content and customizations to give the game variety as the months go by. In the game, the longer you are playing the more content and characters you can unlock, and in terms of gameplay… well, it’s CoD.
This game has been one of the highest-grossing games in the sector for years . This is a title that began timidly as a new proposal in which the dynamic of protecting and building villages in Clash of Clans was changed for a card fighting game , Hearthstone-style.

Therefore, it is a game in which you have to fight battles through the use of different warriors and weapons that we use in the form of cards in order to destroy the enemy’s towers while maintaining ours. To use them you need to have enough elixir, which is reduced by using each card and increases over time.

Minecraft is like playing Lego on your mobile or your computer, and it has been a reference in creativity games for years. You can play solo or on a server with other people, and you decide if you want a living world where you interact with creatures and monsters, or prefer a relaxing creative world.

You go in there with nothing, and you have to start chopping down trees and digging, combine items to build other items, explore the world, and build. There are also animals that you can raise and get resources from. A survival sandbox that you can play in many ways.
‘Pokémon Unite’ is a game of the MOBA genre based on the Pokémon universe . It is one of the most important and representative genres in the world of eSports, and all the games are played on the same stage, the same arena with which all the players are already familiar. And in it, you can choose between the different Pokémon to fight, each with their own abilities.

It is a free game with paid elements, and with crossplay and crossplatform functions, allowing crossplay between the different mobile operating systems and the Switch, which is where the game has arrived.Your character heals at your bases, and you earn points when you deliver Pokéballs you pick up at enemy bases.
The mobile version of one of the great precursors of the Battle Royale genre , and which has been released this 2022 by switching to Free-to-Play. The mechanics are as follows: 100 participants are thrown onto an island and only one can remain. Once on the ground, you will have to explore and collect weapons and equipment, while trying to see the rivals and kill them before they finish you off first.

All this happens with a time limit, since to avoid it becoming eternal, as time goes by the playable area is reduced, so you also have to calculate the strategy so that you are in the playable areas before the map will be clipped next time.
Well, it’s actually like a metagame, Roblox is the foundation on which anyone can create their own games or servers, and then other people can join in multiplayer to play each of those worlds.

It is a game aimed especially at the little ones, and that is why in Xataka we have a Roblox guide for parents . And if you’ve created an account and don’t know where to start, you also have a list of 21 Roblox games to start exploring its possibilities.

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