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Best Mail Hosting in 2023 (Price & Stability)


Oct 25, 2023

Email hosting may seem pretty straightforward, but the truth is that manyservicesplace a lot of restrictions on the number of addresses or storage space that can be created. Some mail hosting companies initially lure consumers with very low prices. However, in fact, these services are similar in quality to those provided for free. For example, there is usually no charge for the defaultspamfilter. In this articlewe’ve only covered the best mail vendorsIn the course of the analysis, security, price, and ease of use were prioritized.

What if you don’t have time? Let’s take a look at the best email hosting services for business

  1. InterServer – A budget mail hosting company that offers unlimited accounts and storage space
  2. Hostinger – An affordable email solution that integrates video and advanced productivity tools

What to look for in the best mail hosts for business

In the process of finding the best mail hosting, we focused on the following:

  • Mail security. Because they send and receive important business information via email, they are often targeted by malicious actors. It’s essential to have a means to protect your account from cyberattacks, spam, and viruses.
  • Ease of useYou should be able to easily create and manage email accounts. It’s nice to have integration with mobile-friendly clients, as a lot of correspondence is read over mobile.
  • Reasonable price. You don’t always have to invest a lot of money in your business. This time, only the best value mail hosts are included in this list.
  • Sender reputationIf you classify a specific account as malicious, all emails sent using the same IP will be blocked. We only looked at hosts with a certain level of sender trust.
  • The number of mail accounts and the size of the mailbox. The more mail accounts and storage space you have, the better. If every time a team member is added, the cost is added, which is not very attractive.

Once you’ve decided on the right mail hosting company for you, follow our step-by-step guide to configure your mail account!

1. InterServer – a mailhost with unlimited capacity and accounts

InterServer was honored to be the first to be introduced with unlimited resources andeaseofuse. As long as you have a browser and an internet connection, you can access and use your mailbox from any device, whether it’s desktop or mobile. You can configure your mail client to use any mail agent you want, including Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail, or Horde. This makes it easy to manage multiple accounts from a single interface without switching accounts.

InterServer’s mail hosting helps the customer support team adapt tithe service. This is especially useful if you already have a domain name or if you’re changing email hosting companies. On the other hand, you can also use mail hosting services with the full-featured shared hosting plan provided by InterServer. With this plan, you can also build a great portfolio site that can be used as a business card.InterServer Web Hosting

Plan name Storage CapacitybandwidthFree SSL Number of sitescost STANDARD WEB HOSTING Unlimited SSDlimitlessness+limitlessness₩3466ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONWINDOWS ASP.NETlimitlessnesslimitlessness+25₩11092ADDITIONAL INFORMATION However, you need to purchase a domain name separately from InterServer. To learn more about InterServer, check out our expert reviewsfunction

  • You don’t need to fill in any sensitive personal information to create a secure email account. The company also does not keep IP logs used to estimate mail.
  • Advanced spam filter. InterServer Firewall checks incoming mail for suspicious content. The host’s algorithm cross-checks spam lists with external databases, including IP, domain trustworthiness, and then flags the email as potentially dangerous spam.
  • Free managed migrationChanging mail hosting providers isn’t easy, but InterServer has made it as easy as possible. The company is offering free administrative migration support. All you have to do is tell the company where your current domain is registered.
Number of mail accountslimitlessness
Mailbox size25GB
Free Domain NamesX
Spam FiltersO

See the best deals on InterServer mail hosting

2. Hostinger – Cheapest Mail Hosting Company

The prices are excellent, but you’ll find a lot of gemsin VendorExternalUrl vendor_id=”46365″ salt=”1fe3a4″]Hostinger’sprofessional mail service [/VendorExternalUrl]. The company offers a number of useful apps to help you communicate with your mail through Flock’s powerful mail tools. Typical examples include scheduling and video calls. There’s also a search function for specific topics or people, conversation threads, integrated video calls, read receipts, and more.

Hostingeris a rareprovider that allowsyou to use mail hosting serviceswithouthaving to purchase a web hosting plan. However, if you also want to use Hostinger’s webhosting plans, you can opt for a shared plan that is more affordable.Most sharing plans offer unlimited email accounts.Hostinger Web Hosting

Plan nameStorage CapacitybandwidthFree SSLNumber of sitescostSingle Web Hosting50 GB SSD100 GB

Free domain names are included with some Hostinger hosting plansIf you need a significant amount of storage space or are a frequent user of Google Apps, take a look at the Google Mail planthat integratesHostinger’sdashboardwith G Suite. The downside is that it’s limited to Flock, Outlook, and Gmail. Other webmail clients must be configured manually. To learn more about Hostinger, check out our expert reviews. function

  • Advanced integration. Premium features are available in Hostinger’s Titan email client. You can start a video call with a one-click meeting link or integrate email with popular productivity apps like Asana and Google Drive.
  • Anti-vaccine and anti-spam. Your Hostinger email account comes with a spam filter and antivirus program that activates automatically. This prevents mail from malicious sources from entering your inbox.
  • Schedule management. With the built-in calendar feature, you can check your project goals and import conversation threads at the desired time frame.
Number of mail accounts50
Mailbox size10GB ~ 30GB
Free domain nameO (1-year commitment)
Spam FilterO

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